Sketches from Italia

Firenze. view from Giotto tower!

Sangiminano. View from Torre Rognosa one of 17 towers in the village. Used to have more than 70 towers in this small village, medieval Manhattan! Beautiful Toscany landscape.

View from Campanella in Venice. Looking at Castello neighborhood where I normally stay when I am in Venice over San Marco.

Vaporetto is a waterbus operation. It has a set of 19 scheduled lines that serves locales within Venice, Italy and travel between Venice and nearby islands.

View from Palazzo Dandolo, a palace in Venice. Now it is home to the Hotel Danieli. It was built in 1400, by one of the Dandolo families. My last day of this trip decided to treat myself got a cup of cappuccino comes with few cookies on silver plate, cost $$$!!!

street scenes in Venice

Every place you go there are steps or narrow alleys and slopes. Perugia!